Welcome to Hotel Sea View Court Kobe

Check out of a hotel... Check into a home

Sea View Court Kobe is a seven story western style Hotel and Apartment building situated right in the heart of the mid levels of central Kobe, commanding a magnificent panorama view of Kobe Bay. The building has been converted into an apartment style hotel/guest house and is ideally located in an upscale tranquil residential area.

Sea View Court Kobe offers full private apartments for each guest. Living areas or facilities are not shared with other guests. Sea View Court is your private oasis while staying in Kobe.

There are two very spacious apartments on each floor of about 1000 sq ft or approximately 100 sq mtr floor area. Each apartment has two bedrooms, two bathrooms, a living room, a dining room, a fully equipped kitchen and a utility room. The apartments come fully furnished rather lavishly and fully equipped as service apartments,complete with a refrigerator, washing machine, kitchen utensils, cutlery and cooking facilities etc.

Sea View Court Kobe is only about a 10 minute bus ride into the hustle and bustle of the main city center known as Sannomiya or just a 3-4 minute taxi ride to Shin Kobe Station for the Shinkansen bullet trains.

At Sea View Court Kobe, we strive hard at to provide you with the comforts of a home away from your own home in an apartment style living during your visit to Kobe. We will go out of our way to ensure that you feel at home with us. Sea View Court Kobe offers you the retreat and alternative to the confines of being cooped up in a small hotel room, located usually in a crowded commercial areas where the air is not usually clean. You will be able to breathe clean fresh air, be able to stretch around in your temporary home whilst enjoying the breathtaking panorama unobstructed view of Kobe from your apartment or bedroom.

At Sea View Court Kobe, the entire apartment can be rented out for the day, week, or month at affordable rates. Considering the facilities and convenient access, the accommodation at Sea View Court Kobe works out really economical for short stay for families, groups of four, executives, professionals etc who are visiting Kobe. Besides renting out the entire apartment, we also rent out single private rooms in the apartment which will accommodate one single guest with a private room or 2 guests in a private room with twin beds or a double bed in the room. If a single room is required, then the common areas like the living room, dining room , kitchen, two toilets,bathrooms, are shared with the guest(s) in the other room. However, even though the common areas are shared ,there is sufficient privacy for each guest because the bedrooms are located in front section and back section of the apartment allowing sufficient privacy for those who are renting the single rooms only instead of the entire apartment.